If you would like your own sub-forum for your player town, you can apply on this thread. The criteria for getting a sub-forum are as follows:
  • At least 5 members currently in the town
  • A place for housing in the town
  • A system for protecting land in the town
  • Town rules

Please use the following template when applying for a sub-forum.

Proposed town name:
Your IGN:
Town Mayor:
How many players live in your town (approximately):
Your town warp name or coordinates:
Are your town rules posted in your town? (Yes/No):
Is there a way to protect land in your town? (Yes/No):
Is there a place for new houses to be built for new residents in your town? (Yes/No):

Please only apply once, and if you get rejected, read why and fix those issues before you reapply.