Hello everyone!

This post will pertain mainly to the people who play Factions, although this will affect how the factions server works in a few ways if you haven't started yet.

TL;DR: Factions mcMMO is being reset to fix a bug, obsidian will be breakable with multiple TNT hits soon.

Now for the nitty gritty:

There is a bug in mcMMO, where skills (Herbalism, Acrobatics, etc) stop gaining EXP. This is a huge issue, since you will not be able to level up any of your skills. It appears to only affect a few players, but I have noticed that it eventually affects everyone. To fix this, I will be resetting the mcMMO plugin completely. You will lose all your levels, exp, etc. Anything that is a part of mcMMO will be wiped (excluding redeem ranks that have not been cashed in yet).

As well, the Factions gameplay system for obsidian will be changed. Currently, obsidian is unbreakable with TNT. However we have decided to make it breakable after 6 hits of TNT in order to promote raiding and activity on the server.

Many other small updates will be made, such as the ability to push other players around, taking damage in spawn, and some small updates to the way the PVP cooldown works.

I am planning on performing this upgrade on either February 3rd or 4th. Expect the Factions server to be down a large portion of the day for these changes to be made.