I don't know if miniguns already exist as military weapons or not but I think there should be a new firearm to be sold at Dick's Sporting Goods.


The minigun will be a retextured bow where you have to charge the gun by holding right click and whenever you release right click, you will release a powerful fat stream of arrows depending on how completed the charge is.

How will ammunition work?

Ammunition will work the same as other firearms and maybe use a gold hoe for the texture. Each ammunition pack will contain 5000 bullets. Each full charge will use 250 bullets. 1 bullet will cause 1 damage, meaning it will take 20 bullets to kill a unarmored player.


Miniguns will cost 25k dollars and will require a gun license. Each ammunition pack will cost 1 thousand dollars.

Why is it expensive? Because it's a minigun.

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