Hello everyone!

With the factions server being revamped, I wanted to make a little post ahead of time for everyone to read through and get a general idea of what to expect when they log in. A lot of the features and plugins are new to LunaCraft so this will also act as a guide to help you answer any questions that you might have.

First and foremost, there is a World Border on factions.

The border in the overworld is 30,000 x 30,000. This means that the farthest point you can go is 15,000 blocks away from spawn.

The nether and the end both have the same size world border, being 15,000 blocks by 15,000 blocks. This means that the farthest point you can go in either of these worlds is 7,500 blocks away from 0, 0.

We also have 4 outposts in the map, one for each cardinal direction. This will help you get a bit farther away from spawn in order to find a suitable spot for making a base. To get to them, use /warp North, /warp East, /warp South, and /warp West.

Obsidian is breakable by TNT on the factions server as well. It will take 5 hits with TNT to break a block of obsidian.

Hoppers and golden apples are not craftable, but can be bought in the shop.

You are also able to bottle up your XP for safe keeping or selling by doing /xpbottle [amount]. Just replace [amount] with how much XP you want to bottle. Remember, you don't put how many levels you want to bottle, you put how much experience. You can check how much you have by doing /xp

Similarly, you can withdraw your money to a bank note by doing /withdraw [amount].

We have also added Custom Enchants to Factions! This adds a whole new aspect to the game and there are a lot of enchant's to go over. You can find the list here. While in-game you can type /ce help to pull up a list of useful commands for the plugin. The enchantments are separated into 3 different tiers. Tier 1 will require 20 levels to receive a book. Tier 2 requires 40 levels. And Tier 3 requires 60 levels.

This plugin also provides two more features called the tinkerer and the black smith. The tinkerer allows you to input unwanted enchanted items or books to receive experience, angel dust, fixing dust, or failed dust. If you input an enchanted item you will get back an XP bottle that is worth whatever the item was worth. If you put in a book you will receive mystery dust, right click the dust and you have a chance of receiving angel dust, fixing dust, or failed dust.

This brings me to our final topic for Custom Enchants: 4 new items. First, we have Magical Angel Dust. This allows you to increase the success rate of a book of your choice. When you buy this item you will receive a random percentage. Second, we have Magical Fixing Dust. This item allows you to decrease the destroy rate of a book making it less likely to destroy the item you are enchanting. Third, we have White Scrolls. Add one of these scrolls to an item to protect it from breaking when a custom enchant fails. If an enchant fails while the item is protected it will cancel out the protection, saving your item, but it will no longer be protected. Finally, we have Black Scrolls. These scrolls allow you to take off random enchants.

The next plugin that you should take note of is the new Envoy system. Every 4 hours 25 envoy crates will spawn around the War Zone that contain various items and perks, from food, obsidian, rank kits, and many more! Anyone can obtain them by going up to the crates and opening them. Be wary however, because being in the War Zone means that you are more likely to encounter enemy factions!

Another new plugin addition to factions is the Lottery plugin. There will be an announcement in chat periodically notifying players when the lottery is about to start. You can buy as many tickets as you want to buy, and all of the money will go into a jackpot. A winner will be selected at random and the jackpot will go to that player when the lottery is drawn!

Next we have added Boss Fights to factions! These boss fights will be scheduled and announced well before hand in order to give players time to get gear together and make sure they are able to attend. These fights will add a whole new aspect to the game as the boss will provide it's killer with legendary items that you will want to get your hands on!

Finally, we have scattered various buildings and monuments around the map. These come in 3 different tiers based on their size and contents. Some of these buildings contain some really amazing items while others aren't as full. Keep your eyes out for anything that doesn't look natural!

May the odds be ever in your favor!